Components Ford at Granby passes into the arms of the 84DIX Group

The Granby Formula Ford dealership has new owners, Serge Bernier and Jean-François Frenette. Open since 1993, the company was founded by Guy Bissonnette.

Group 84DIX

At the head of the 84DIX group, the two new shareholders in the concession already hold other addresses in Granby, in particular the concessions Hyundai and Mercedes Benz. They also own an Ultramar gas station (Ultra des Cantons convenience store) as well as the company The car zone & Uni-Pro by Granby. They are also shareholders in the Marketing Auto company, which developed the car management software Boom CRMa solution used by around 30 retailers.

A return to basics

The takeover of the Granby Ford car dealership means a return to the American automobile industry for the partners Bernier and Frenette. They were both co-owners of the Chevrolet Granby before selling their stakes three years ago. In addition, one of her ex-partners, Charles Poulin, gets involved in Formula Ford.

A signed transaction DSMA

The transaction was formalized on December 1st in collaboration with the team at DSMA. “It’s a very nice purchase. It was also a pleasure to work with both parties throughout the process,” said the person who oversaw the agreement, Manon Messier, senior partner at DSMA.

The feeling was clearly mutual, on both sides of the table.

“From start to finish, Manon was there for the complexities of selling a dealership. His team’s support, expertise, references to experienced professionals and availability made all the difference between a deal and a great deal. ‘ Mentions Guy Bissonnette in a statement to AutoMédia.

As for the new owners, they add: “Thanks to your experience, we had an honest and smooth transaction. »

In the picture (from left to right):

  • Charles Poulin (shareholder)
  • Serge Bernier (shareholder)
  • Annick Bernier, shareholder
  • Jean-François Frenette (Shareholder)
  • Manon Messier, DSMA senior partner
  • Claudette and Guy Bissonnette (now retired)

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